Sunday, June 30, 2013

Mustaches & Bow Ties

My Nephew's Baby Shower was full of mustaches and bow ties- A 'Little Man' theme to be exact. 

The invites set the theme and we went from there! I made a little insert to add to the invite to ask that guests bring their favorite childhood book or one of their favorites! Popular Repeats Include: The Very Hungry Caterpillar, How Much I Love You, and Goodnight Moon!

This child better love to read because he has books for days! 

We made the favors and decided to do a few of Amy's favorite pregnancy items; lavender bath salt and coconut sugar scrub.

The guest of honor received the largest favor :)

We played a multiple-choice game about Amy's pregnancy (that I failed royally!), a 'guess the gift' BINGO game and filled out a well wish card that I made for Amy and Jimmy to read through. 

I ended up finding a fun miniature album that matches KJ's nursery colors to save them in!
 They are so blessed to have so many friends and family members that already love their son and hope nothing but the best for him!

A special THANK YOU to Jessica for helping to sew the cake topper!! I REALLLLY need to learn how to  use a sewing machine but until then...I have Jess!

Amy's mini cheesecake- she's never been a fan of normal cake! (Makes me wonder if we're really related....)

This little gem.....

It's a melon flavor mustache lollipop that Jessica and I made. It makes me cringe hard core just thinking about it but it turned out cute. Too bad that after 298462387641 hours of slaving over a hot stove, burning the shit out of my hands, leaving a forever ruined-with-lollipop goo all over my kitchen appliances they didn't work out (Please refer to picture below!!!!). So plan A, B, C, D, E, F, no wait G, was to create lemon flavored mustache candies that were so large I encouraged guests to not really eat them due to a choking hazard scare of mine. 

Ruined Stove. A direct result of bringing sugar and high fructose corn syrup to a whopping 400 degree or some ungodly temperature. 

Choking Hazard.

Jessica. BEFORE we knew what we were in for. (Notice my black stove too).

I only have a few extremely blurry pics of the actual baby squint your eyes and use your imagination!! Ha.

The only picture of people that I have! 

A few gifts that Keriann and I made for Amy and our nephew to be!

I have a feeling one day this is going to turn into a go-cart of some sort...(yep, I'll be THAT kind of Auntie)

I tried my best to give a gift of a Maternity shoot for Amy and Jimmy. I have a wonderful camera and they were easy to photograph! Here are a few of my favorite shots!


Can't wait for his arrival! 3 weeks (or less) and counting....

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