Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Express Yourself

Let me first mention that everybody, literally EVERYBODY, around me is pregnant or already has kids. If neither of these statements abides to you its because you either:

1. Really want babies secretly.
2. Are currently trying.
3. Your name is Jessica.

When babies are born they pretty much look gender neutral. Regardless of the amount of hair or length of lashes, youre never really 100% positive unless you look for context clues. A handsome and manly compliment towards a baby girl will be taken personally by the Mother and what guy wants to be told how beautiful and delicate their new son is? Lets get serious, both comments are equally disappointing. Ive come up with a few cute ways that my friends can help their newbies express themselves and best of all its super simple! 

I think this sweet headband is just the right mix between girly and sophisticated. I made it for my friend Eva, she is weeks away from welcoming her second baby girl, Andreana! 

Supplies needed to make a Rosette Headband:
- Strip of Fabric (I like the look of ripping the edge of the fabric- gives it a vintage feel)
- About 13'' of elastic (You can choose the width you prefer)
- Rit Dye (I dyed my elastic Gray using this dye. It comes in powder and liquid form in almost every color.  It can be found at craft stores, Walmart and even Publix!)
- Hot Glue
- Sassy Extra- I sewed Pink Tulle into the rosette but you can use anything you have lying around like a button, rhinestone, or feather! 

** Keep in mind that smaller objects can also be a choking hazard in babies!! I suggest always taking off any accessory during car rides, naps and anytime 'curious mouths' are unattended! **

Steps to make your own Fabric Rosette: 

Princesses’ can wear blue too…Especially with this fun rosette paci’ clip!

We can’t forget the handsome fella’s! These stretchy bowties can be made in less than 20 minutes and can feature a clip on design as well. Just make a bigger bowtie for toddlers!

Now that you’ve brainstormed a little, go ahead and express yourself - Your kids will thank you later…

Thursday, February 7, 2013

give it some sass

As the 'older' generation classifies it, Sassafras is a type of tree who's root was used to make tea. The more modern crowd will define it as a feisty person with pizzazz.

...I choose the latter definition for obvious reasons. Sassafras is the way I choose describe my design style as well. I like classic pieces with an extra punch of unexpected zest.

My Mom was getting rid of a DVD storage box we've had since I was younger. I had to add a few nails to ensure the sturdy factor but then I took a step back....

and it was horribly ugly. 

I had recently found and purchased shelf liner in my favorite *Gray Chevron* pattern so I decided to give it some sass! Here's one more example of out with the old, in with the new!

 ßthis stuff is pretty awesomecomes in so many fun patterns and will stick to virtually anything!


I really like the revamp! Im not exactly sure what Ill be using it for but I know it will come in handy. Im moving from a 900 sq ft. place to a 2,000 sq ft. condo in a month and Ill have plenty of unused space. Best part is I can hang it from a wall, stand it on the ground or set it on a table. 

Ive been seeing these retro gold corners on everything these days (frames, tables, shelves). I wanted to test it out on something I already owned. I have two record album frames hanging that are plain black- perfect!
 I taped off the corners and painted them with gold paint. (Please note: I tried to use a gold paint pen the first time around- Dont try it. It gets gunky and stops working halfway through, causing you to rub alcohol on the frame to remove it.)  
Our Fifth House has great tips for using Rub N Buffto achieve the  gold corners on her furniture.I think Ill test this method out with my buffet in the new house!


Oh the wonders paint, liner, and outdated items can create! Check back soon for more easy updates your wallet will agree with.