Sunday, January 20, 2013

a space to play with lace

My kitchen table is adorned with globs of glue, crevices full of glitter and flecks of paint. Needless to say, I need a space to play with lace! A sturdy, functional, organized area of my own to accidentally break in. I printed out a couple photos and discussed the pro/cons with my boyfriend. Together we designed MY perfect concept of a craft table.

Total Time: 1.5 days (including time for paint & stain to dry)
Total Cost: $100 (Tools, brushes, & stain were all previously purchased!)

Out first stop was to Lowes to pick out our wood. In case you were unaware, Lowes offers a wonderful service-they will cut wood to YOUR specifications! This is very useful if you do not have the correct tools at home. They also sell table top ready pieces of wood that are sturdy, straight and ready to be stained. I chose this option because it was cost efficient for the size I wanted.

Always start by laying out your supplies!
 Brian grouped similar items together and began sanding everything to ensure a smooth surface.
I began staining the table top. I used a brush on stain and only one coat. Once COMPLETELY dry I will seal it with Minwax Polycrylic Protective Finish Matte Spray. I prefer the matte versus the shine but they both work well, the spray is easier no doubt!
 Once the top was stained & dry, Brian secured the bottom with screws and brackets. When making a table that is heavy and sturdy, brackets are a must! They can easily be hidden within a design and come in plenty of sizes.
I painted the legs and shelves with interior white paint. I loved the contrast between the dark stain and light paint! Finish your project with a protective spray. 
For being the first piece of custom designed furniture that we've built- I'm ecstatic!
 Here is my completed craft table! Last step is to cover the shelves with bins and jars full of my craft supplies!

 A special THANK YOU to my amazingly talented and patient boyfriend, Brian!! You're the best :) 

 If you have any questions about building your own piece, please ask! 

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